Since 2002 when the MGS camera acquired an image of the Argyre basin the parrot geoglyph has been an ongoing topic of interest. Much research was done with the area and many contributed. There are numerous discussion forums that examined the parrot and my site in particular, (now archived) undertook the effort to compile an ongoing discussion into a group presentation. That presentation is undergoing editing and will be added here soon.
Oddly enough, Wil did not directly discover the Parrot. He was attracted to the symmetrical layout of the entire area. He recounted to me how he was sitting at his computer, and his own parrot upon its’ perch was making a great amount of noise. “He was really squawking…” Wil told me. “I kept looking at him and asking what was wrong.”  “He kept bobbing his head at the monitor and finally I saw what he saw… a Parrot.” So the parrot is not immediately obvious to everyone, but once recognized it is so complete and striking in its’ appearance that it gives one reason to ask questions.

Wil Faust passed away before realizing his goals with regards to the Argyre Basin, that being a study of the city plan that presents itself in the image, the effects of the movement of water that was evident in the MOLA data from NASA and of the geometry that would be present in any intelligently designed area. This web site was established a short time after Wil passed away on June 26, 2005. I purchased the domain name and built the index page within the first month. Since then the site has remained untouched, as there were several goals to achieve before bringing the site to life.

Main to those goals was the publishing of a scientific paper on the parrot formation, which was to be the highlight of this web site and would spark interest in the area and fuel a discussion forum. The publication date for “Avian Formation on a S-Facing Slope of the Argyre Basin was October 2011 in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. I want to credit George Haas of the Cydonia Institute for shepherding the paper through the process. Thanks also to William Saunders for picking up the mechanics of filing. I went through the filing process as well but we determined that credentials would help with publication, I don’t have them and Bill does. Thanks also to all the other authors and contributors that saw a Parrot in the images and were able to lend their expertise to the paper.

It should be noted that there was a public request fulfilled by NASA utilizing the MGS camera only a few months before that orbiter fell silent forever. That request was filed by myself and established a basis of comparison for the area under differing conditions. This was very important as even the vaunted Face on Mars did not look the same in subsequent images compiled by NASA over the course of the MGS and the ESA missions. The parrot holds up in every aspect under extremely differing camera conditions. The posting to the internet by MSSS was on August 11, 2006. Finally just prior to our last attempt at submitting the paper Keith Laney posted an even newer version of the area. This image was spectacular and showed that the parrot did indeed persist. This image also showed more of the right side of the area, revealing the tail, heretofore hidden. That final image was the tipping point of scientific proof and the paper was accepted.

One observation that I believe is important, the research group always operated under the motto of 'preponderance of evidence' what this means is simply one cannot look at things like the face and parrot  in a vacuum. These various objects occur together on a distant planet and warrant explanation. Natural phenomenon just doesn't provide the answers for all. When one delves deeper into the history of other objects found on Mars such as the King Face of Greg Orme or the D&M pyramid and dozens of other unnatural formations one has to stop and take stock of the situation. Is nature that creative or is there an intelligent hand at work?  We will of course never know until we set foot on the surface of Mars itself but we must ask the questions not ignore them.Each one individually has its' flaws and can be debunked, but together there is a preponderance of evidence.